Real-World Problems

Activity lists become even more powerful when you pair them with a real-world problem. If you send students home to solve a real-world problem, they'll become more engaged than compliant. Then, the activity list is less of an assignment and more of a path to their successful solution!

Consider launching a problem-based unit now to get students excited and invested in learning content. Address learning loss by having students solve fun real-world problems in order to create learning acceleration!

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Here are a few problem-based Authentic Learning Units from our product, MyQPortal.

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Can a Frog, Turtle, and Fish Help Us? — K and 1st-grade students devise biomimicry inventions.

Oh the Places We Can Go! — 2nd- and 3rd-grade students design a dream vacation.

Butterfly Garden — 3rd- and 4th-grade students tackle butterfly extinction.

Digital Serfs — Who's got your stuff? Who owns the cloud? Are we becoming digital serfs? MS students will tell you!

Globalized Patient Care MS/HS students develop resources for local doctors' offices to communicate with patients who do not speak English.

Hydro-Electric Power Source HS students design plans for a human-made waterfall in their area.

Artistic Persuasion HS students study artists who have made statements through their art and then create an original piece.

Improve, Don't Move! HS CTE students design blueprints to create an addition to a house or building (in this case, perhaps, their own!).