• Put students in charge of their own learning! You're not there to manage their learning, so create a structure that allows them to make decisions within a structured framework.

  • Different students have different needs (cognitive/learning styles)! Give them choices of different ways to master the same concept or skill and let them choose.

  • Technology can provide a wealth of differentiated learning opportunities. Take advantage of the Internet! Leverage what is available on the web to keep student learning moving. Explore Dr. Sulla's blog to learn more about how technology can be a catalyst, lever, and megaphone.

Differentiated Digital Activity Lists (DDAL) are one component of our student-driven instructional framework: The Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom (LATIC).

We work with schools to design such classrooms. We realize, however, that in this pandemic, DDAL could be the answer to remote learning. We're happy to share.

For more information on LATIC, check out our books or videos from clients, or contact us at solutions@idecorp.com.